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Tyrus is a Witch Hunter Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, and a staunch Monodominant.[1a]


As a child, he was tortured by the Daemon Prince Kholoth who took one of his eyes and ears before destroying the rest of his village. Tyrus was saved by Inquisitor Covonis who then took Tyrus under his wing as an apprentice. Covonis was killed on Epsilon Regalis by Kholoth but Tyrus successfully banished Kholoth again, taking his master's power armour and force sword. He was then elevated to the full rank of Witch Hunter and Inquisitor.[Needs Citation]

Tyrus is highly active as an internal policer of heresy. He is known for extreme and bloody purges on regular occasions. He is also known to chase heretical inquisitors as strongly as he does witches. He has a strong hatred of all kinds of psykers, even his fellow inquisitors. His policy on guilt is based on religious testing and arcane methodology. The Trial by Balance, Ordeal of the Blade and Trial by Holy Seal are often used by him, while his favorite method is forcing the accused to consume a jug of holy water - if they choke, then they are considered heretic and killed. He is also known to use the Emperor's Tarot to determine innocence or guilt.[Needs Citation]

In 762.M41 Tyrus led a punitive force against the false gods-worshippers of Gladrinus VI. While fighting against this heretics he ordered that all of the war machines were adorned with the scripture frome the Second Book of Ordeals that "the heretics might know their crime even as they die".[3]

Tyrus is currently known to be fanatically pursuing the Radical Inquisitor Lichtenstein, who has since begun using the powers of Chaos for what he declares is the benefit of mankind. In his pursuit of Lichtenstein, Tyrus' fate has become inextricably linked with not only the radical but also the fellow Inquisitor and Daemonhost Kessel but also the Daemon Prince Phara'gueottla.[2]



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