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Uigebealach is a location in the Webway where time flows backwards.[1a] The Eldar, inheriting the knowledge of the Webway from the Slann, were fearful of the temporal aspects of the webway and did not experiment with them.[3] Using a Navigator's warp eye as a monocle carved with the symbol of the Black Library, Inquisitor Jaq Draco was able to read the precise directions to Uigebealach from the Book of Rhana Dandra. It was discovered that the reason the Great Harlequins could never locate Uigebealach is because it requires the traversal of an exact route, include gaps where one must exit and re-enter the Webway. Draco believed that this special crossroads is from which the shining path to mankind's salvation originated.[2a] Upon his death within this crossroads, Draco's soul did not sink into the warp, but instead achieved Apotheosis with the Numen, granting him illumination beyond and other Illuminatus.[1x]

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