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Uixot was the Fabricator-General of Mars during the 8th Black Crusade. In the course of that conflict, a combined force of the Night Lords and Iron Warriors captured the Imperium's Andromax System and the Adeptus Custodes declared this to be a direct threat to Terra. They began to make plans to destroy the traitors, but knew they would need help in the endeavor and asked Uixot for Mars' military aid. The notoriously insular Uixot at first refused, but agreed to help after a diplomatic mission from the Adeptus Custodes met with him and stroked his ego. Mere months later, a combined force of the Minotaurs Chapter, Adeptus Mechanicus and Custodians from the Dread Host, annihilate the traitors and reclaim the Andromax System for the Imperium.[1]