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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Ul-Khari
Meaning: A promise fulfilled[2b]
Current Location: Gilead System[2b]
Main Colours: Orange/Green[2c]

Ul-Khari is an Eldar Craftworld that was traveling through the Gilead System when the Great Rift was created.[1]

This proved to be disastrous for Ul-Khari, as the giant Warp Storm caused the Hive World Troilus to suddenly appear in front of the Craftworld. With no time to evade Troilus, Ul-Khari crashed into the Hive World, which resulted in the Craftworld being seriously damaged due to a devastating impact on the HIve World's surface.[1] Now Ul-Khari lingers there half-buried within the ice and permanently fused to its surface, so the only way to separate the stone from the wraithbone is to smash Trollius to pieces. Almost half of Ul-Khari was ruined beyond recognition in the collision. A lot of Eldar were destoryed of Ul-Khari's population survived the crash and now struggle to live on and pick up the pieces of their shattered Craftworld.[2a] Curiously, though Troilus is a Hive World, the Eldar of Ul-Khari have found its Hives to be empty and there is no sign of what became of its previous population.[1]