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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Ulthwé
The Damned
the Rune symbol of Craftworld Ulthwé
Meaning: Song of Ulthanash
Current Location: Edge of Ultima Segmentum[11]
Main Colours:

Black, Bone
Favoured Unit: Farseers, Black Guardians
Speciality: Farseers, Shock attacks
Reputation: Saviours and dreaded foes
Main Enemy: Chaos
a Guardian in the colors of Ulthwé

Ulthwé (full name Ulthanesh Shelwé or Ulthanash Shelwé, meaning the Song of Ulthanash)[4a][14] is one of the largest and most populous Eldar craftworlds remaining since the Fall of the Eldar.


Well over five million years before M41, Farseer Lsathranil of Ulthwé created Lsathranil's Shield to contain the Necrons on the planet Rahe's Paradise, along with the prophecy Ishandruir that foresaw their return.[13]

Ulthwé was caught in the gravitational pull of the Eye of Terror when it formed during the birth of Slaanesh and now orbits it, perilously close to ultimate absorption and under regular attack from the denizens of the Eye of Terror. Being so near the Eye, the Craftworld has fought long and bitterly against Chaos forces. Areas within the Craftworld lie in ruins from battles fought within Ulthwé itself between Eldar and Chaos raiders.[2] The location of Ulthwé is the reason given by Ulthwé for maintaining such a large number of Warlocks, while others believe it more due to be their location causing exaggerated psychic powers in the Ulthwé population that causes the emergence of more Warlocks. Whatever the reason, many Warlocks and other psychic warriors follow the Ulthwé armies to battle and their skills are even more advanced than other Craftworlds, being able to see further ahead in time and with greater precision.[Needs Citation]

Ulthwe Forces under Eldrad Ulthran attempted to stem the tides of Chaos shortly before the 13th Black Crusade by launching an ambitious plan at the Battle of Port Demesnus in order to resurrect Ynnead. The plan failed, and during the Crusade itself Ulthwe aided Imperial forces against the forces of Abaddon.[18] Shortly after the formation of the Great Rift, Ulthwe itself came under assault by Daemons.[20]

Though victorious over the Daemons, Ulthwe was left reeling after the attack and now is in the midst of civil strife. Three factions have emerged dominant on the Craftworld. The first and largest of these are the Seer Council, which continues to dispatch forces to stem the tides of Chaos along the Great Rift. The second group known as The Exiles is led by Eldrad Ulthran and is heavily involved with the growing cult of Ynnead. The third and final group are the Ulthwe Eldar who have joined the Ynnari.[21]

Notable Campaigns and Battles


The symbol of Ulthwé is the Eye of Isha, symbolizing the sorrow of their goddess ancestor after Asuryan ordered her separated from her Eldar children. It is said that Vaul forged the tears into spirit stones, making her grief beneficial to the Eldar today. Ulthwé has since taken the tear as their symbol to remind themselves of the godhood they lost long ago.[9a]

Because of Ulthwé's enormous reliance on seers and warlocks, the Craftworld has found itself lacking in Aspect Warriors. To compensate, it maintains a highly trained standing army known as the Black Guardians because of the colour of their armour, dedicated to rapidly responding to the many attacks from the Eye of Terror. Thanks to this force, Ulthwé has survived years of constant attacks.[Needs Citation]

One of the more famous and integral aspects of the Ulthwé Craftworld is that of the Seer Council. Formerly led by the now deceased Eldrad Ulthran, the council both overtly and secretly interferes with other races in an attempt to steer fate in their favour. This has no doubt allowed Ulthwé to survive so long in such a perilous position. Part of this method means that attacks carried out by the Ulthwé may seem purposeless or as serving no immediate reason. They are instead often meant to influence events far in the future, which has given the Eldar the reputation of being capricious and random. According to Inquisitorial records based on Eldar intelligence reports, Ulthwé interferes in the affairs of other races more than any other Craftworld, and is said to be responsible for several devastating events in the Imperium, including the Second War for Armageddon, the Sanapan Scouring, the Mortis Annihilation and the Third Coming of Orian.[15][16]

They are the only Craftworld known to grow Dreamstones to protect their minds from Slaanesh during sleep.[24]

Ulthwé Strike Force

The Ulthwé Strike Force consists of forces adept at using the Webway to mount sudden and perfectly co-ordinated attacks. Forces are comprised primarily of Storm and Guardian Defender squads, supported by vehicles crewed by Black Guardians (Support weapons, War Walkers,Vypers and Jetbikes).[1]

An Ulthwé Strike Force


  • Calmainoc - This is the name given to a great space dock that is not strictly located within the Craftworld but rather to a Warp portal that was hardwired into the structure of Ulthwé itself. The portal is indistinguishable from the main doors though the actual harbour could be located anywhere in the galaxy or even beyond it. The only certainty is the fact that the way in and out of Calmainoc is through Craftworld Ulthwé.[3]
  • Ghreivan's Gate - A circular frame that is decorated with several runes that stretched across several dimensions. This gate is actually a Warp Portal and one among hundreds that existed in the Craftworld and served as access points to Warp routes that were designed by the original architects of Ulthwe in order to allow its inhabitants access to distant locations in a matter of moments.[3]

Notable Elements

Notable Characters

Previous Editions

It was previously established that Eldrad Ulthran died aboard a Blackstone Fortress during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[4b] However, as of 6th Edition, Eldrad is now described as being in his last days, crystallising, but very much alive.[6b]