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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Ulthwé-Na-Daan
Meaning: Daughter of Ulthwé[1]
Current Location: Trapped orbiting a planet within the Webway.[1]
Main Colours: Black, Bone and Blue.[1]
Favoured Unit: Unknown
Speciality: Unknown
Reputation: Unknown
Main Enemy: Chaos

Ulthwé-Na-Daan is an Eldar Craftworld.[1]


Ulthwé-Na-Daan was one of the last Craftworlds to be created before the Fall of the Eldar, launched incomplete as the Chaos God Slaanesh was born. As the Eye of Terror came into being from the God's birth, the eldar of Ulthwé-Na-Daan realised that they could not escape the growing Warp Storm in time. They attempted to escape by activating the nearest Webway Portal and expanding it to encompass the Craftworld, but as Ulthwé-Na-Daan crossed the threshold the edge of the psychic shockwave struck the portal and tore away a portion of the Webway, including an entire planet that the Craftworld now orbits.[1]

Trapped orbiting the wild, untamed planet, the eldar of Ulthwé-Na-Daan have spent the millennia since training to combat the forces of Chaos.[1]