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Ultramar Auxilia

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A Soldier of the Ultramar Auxilia

The Ultramar Auxilia is the Planetary Defence Forces of the worlds of Ultramar.


While each world of Ultramar enjoys the protection of the Ultramarines Chapter, the Ultramar Auxilia functions as the first line of defence against any invaders. The Ultramar Auxilia is trained with extreme discipline and dedication,[1a] reaching to standards expected from Space Marines, as such they are considered much more competent than the average PDF.[1b] While Ultramar is exempt of the normal tithes of manpower expected of the worlds in the Imperium, the Ultramar Auxilia maintain many regiments ready for deployment to locations outside of Ultramar.[2a] Indeed, several of these regiments have fought against the enemies of the Imperium alongside the Ultramarines.[2b]

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