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Ultramarines Honour Company

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The Ultramarines Honour Company is a specialized Company of Ultramarines that have been stationed at the Cadian Gate for many millennia, rotating officers and warriors from Ultramarines Companies elsewhere and also drawing from the Ultramarines Successor Chapters.[1]


The current commander of the Honour Company is Captain Echion, a member of the Patriarchs of Ulixis Chapter. The Company is made up mostly of Ultramarines, but it is not unusual for Marines from Successor chapters to volunteer for the Honour Company's service. As the Ultramarines' resources have dwindled following the First Tyrannic War, Marines that are descended from the Ultramarines are becoming more common.[1]

The Honour Company has been active in the 13th Black Crusade, distinguishing itself early in the war. Their first action was a space-borne counterattack against Abaddon's fleet as the Planet Killer closed on the Agri-World of Lortox. The action bought the world's PDF time to evacuate a significant portion of the worlds population before the planet was blasted to pieces by the accursed Chaos starship. In the aftermath of the Lortox evacuations, the Honour Company was redeployed to Cadia and the surrounding systems, launching a series of operations to hinder Abaddon's forces as they invaded the Fortress World. These attacks have included boarding actions against Chaos Space Hulks being used to transport hordes of The Lost and the Damned. In total, the Honour Company has disabled or destroyed 3 such Hulks, stranding an estimated 600,000 Cultists, Mutants, and Traitor Guard in the depths of space. A fourth hulk, codenamed Herald of Grief, was destroyed in a boarding action which saw an estimated 200,000 Chaos renegades killed.[1]