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2nd Company (Ultramarines)

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2nd Company Banner[4c]

The 2nd Company of the Ultramarines, known as the Guardians of the Temple or the Avengers of Ultramar[8], has cultivated a reputation as dynamic heroes.[1]


These warriors are revered as the foremost Battle Company warriors and uphold the finest traditions of their chapter, serving as a shining example to the rest of the Chapter. They are also the most likely warriors to be elevated to Space Marine Veteran. The Ultramarines 2nd Company is renowned for heroics that border on reckless, something which has earned censure from Marneus Calgar on multiple occasions. The warriors of the 2nd Company storm into the fray with the speed of a lightning strike; they formulate battle plans so risky and demanding that few other warriors would even countenance putting them into practice. They rely upon the element of surprise and their overwhelming post-human strength to utterly crush enemy resistance and seize victory for Ultramar, often before their enemies even realize that the battle has begun. Yet the 2nd Company are anything but foolhardy. They fight in this fashion only because they know that they possess the discipline, will and martial skill to prevail. Because of their achievements, they were given the honor of guarding the Shrine of the Primarch prior to Guilliman's return.[1]

During the late 41st Millennium the 2nd Company was led by the legendary Cato Sicarius, but he was lost in the Warp for many years and was replaced by Captain Acheran. Sicarius eventually returned towards the end of the Indomitus Crusade, though he was inducted into the Victrix Guard.[2]

The 2nd Company's banner bears the Aquila Maximus. Set above the Ultramarines Chapter badge and a laurel of victory, this combination of honour markings is redolent of the awe-inspiring history of the 2nd Company. Carried into battle by Company Ancient Maxim Calaginos, the banner of the 2nd inspires all who fight beneath it to ever-greater acts of heroism. Below the laurel, it displays a High Gothic oath of eternal fealty to Ultramar, a blazing star – said to embody the Emperor and the guiding light of Terra – and an honour scroll that has grown longer as the company's most notable deeds have multiplied over the millennia. The most recent additions include honorable victories around the Damocles Gulf against the T'au Empire and glorious citations for selfless fighting in defense of Ultramar.[Needs Citation]

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