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The Uluméathic are a race of aliens that form part of the Uluméathic League, a fledgling empire that had, before their encounter with the Tyranids, begun to encroach on Imperial space.[1]

Hive Fleet Naga

The worlds of the Uluméathic League would be ravaged by the Tyranid Hive Fleet Naga. Beginning its invasion in 801.M41, the Uluméathic outer colonies were devoured in a matter of days while Genestealers managed to stowaway on fleeing refugee ships, leading to a Genestealer infestation on the Varryean Space Docks.[2a] In 809.M41, the throne world of the Uluméathic League was devoured by the advancing Tyranids and the remaining Uluméathi worlds declared a state of quarantine. Fortunately for the Uluméathi, Eldar forces from the Malan'tai, Iyanden, and Idharae Craftworlds managed to destroy the Hive Fleet by 812.M41.[2b] In light of the devastation suffered by the Uluméathic League it is unlikely they will pose anywhere near the same threat that they did before the arrival of the Hive Fleet. Indeed, it seems humanity considers the Uluméathic all but destroyed by the end of the 41st Millennium.[3]


The League possesses a form of energy energy containment technology that resembles technology found in the Soulburner Petards of Chaos Decimators, though a connection is impossible to prove.[4]