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Umberco Eto

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Umberco Eto, Questor of Tiarni Delta, is a Thorian Psyker Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, who carries trophies taken from his dead enemies. He also wields a psycannon and a Force Axe, whose blade is shaped like a snarling tiger. His path to the Inquisition began, when he was press-ganged from his Homeworld Arbrenia and forced to work for the Rogue Trader Daskon Holpstein aboard his ship, the Prince Yugen. Eto would serve Daskon for sometime, before the Rogue Trader's activities drew the attention of Inquisitor Malordnu, who quarantined the Prince Yugen and psychically tested all of the ship's crew. This led to the discovery of Eto's psychic potential and he was taken to a Black Ship for further evaluation. There, he was deemed worthy of being an asset to the Inquisition and Eto was then taken to the Inquisitorial fortress on Judgement, where he eventually became the Interrogator of Inquisitor Coteaz. Following his successful service with Coteaz, Eto became an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor and subsequently made his reputation, by destroying a Daemon worshiping Cult on the Imperial asteroid colony Tiarni Delta.[1]

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