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Unborn (House Goliath)

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The Unborn are the smallest of House Goliath's three sub-factions and, unlike the Vatborn or Natborn, they are outsiders who for the most part, willingly chose to join the House.[1]

To do so, they have to be physically enhanced by House Goliath's growth technologies, which make dangerous augmentations to the Unborn's bodies. Those that survive the process are welcomed into the House, provided they can withstand the demanding rigors of the Goliaths' lifestyle. The Unborn are also valued by the Natborn, as a means of both introducing more diversity into the House's gene-pool and another potential key to free itself from relying on amneo-vat technologies.[1]

See Also

  • Vatborn - They are rapidly grown in amneo-vats from flesh-templates and make up most of House Goliath's membership. The Natborn are usually the offspring of fertile Vatborn.[1]
  • Natborn - Offspring of either fertile Vatborn or sometimes other Natborn[1]