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Hive Primus' Underhive[1c]

The Underhive is below the Hive cities, out of reach of the laws of the Clan Houses, the Hive, and Merchants Guilds.[1a]

The physical structure of a Hive is made of several hab domes stitched together with tunnels and shaft over a long period of time, giving it a Honeycomb -like structure. The interior of the underhive is a vast, industrial-scaled cathderal of metal and decay, where machines the size of battleships have been abandoned long ago; it is said that some gangs worship those ancient machines as hungry gods, to which they sacrifice captives. A dome provides a wide open space, divided into zones of factories, houses, commercial buildings, and other structures. Between each dome, the maze of tunnels and shafts is the scene of bitter gangs wars and bloody raids.[1a]

The discontented, the poor, the disinherited and outcasts naturally gravitate towards the Underhive.[1b]

Underhive Denizens