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Undying Martyr

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The Undying Martyr is the spiritual leader of the Angels Penitent Chapter and was responsible for their transformation from being the Angels Resplendent.[1]

This occurred after he somehow emerged alive from the waters of the River Tristesse and was found by Sergeant Montaig's squadron near the Angels Resplendent's Fortress Monastery. The Sergeant was at first going to kill the scarred and boil covered Martyr, who was nearly his size, as no Human could have survived to cross the Tristesse. However Montaig stayed his hand, after he saw an Aquila hanging from the Martyr's neck, who asked, "Do I still dream?". The Aquila led the Sergeant to instead deliver the Martyr to Chaplain Malvoisin who would decide his fate. This proved to be a significant decision for the Chapter, as despite bearing a fatal looking chest wound, the Martyr was able to talk to the Chaplain for days. It was during that time, that he convinced the Chaplain that Mankind was corrupt and the war to save the Imperium was lost. The Martyr declared that the Space Marines were the greatest sinners of all, which was made obvious by their failures during the Horus Heresy. There was now no hope left in the galaxy - only penitence and pain for sins committed in the past and future. After the 19th day of their discussions, Malvoisin declared to the Angels that the Martyr was a prophet of the Emperor. This caused the Chapter to listen to his words and with their Chapter Master, Varzival, away campaigning, no one could stop the Angels from falling under the Martyr's sway. He became their spiritual leader and declared the Chapter to be too prideful and vain. The Martyr demanded they destroy everything that tied them to their sinful past and the Great Purge began. Gripped in self-hatred by the Martyr's revelations about their Chapter, most of the Angels did as he commanded asked, with only the Librarians refusing to follow his orders. This led them to become targets for the Chapter's wrath and Chaplain Malvoisin led the attack that killed Chief Librarian Athanazius and the other Librarians. With their deaths, the Angels Penitent were born and the Martyr's control over the Chapter was complete.[1]