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The Unfleshed were a group of mutant-like creatures that existed on Medrengard, the current homeworld of the Iron Warriors.


Inside the fortress of Khalan-Ghol, the Iron Warriors created the Daemonculaba, a system designed to manufacture vast numbers of Chaos Space Marines, by combining human slaves with the captured geneseed of Imperial Space Marines. The Unfleshed were the failed "offspring" of the Daemonculaba, born disfigured and without skin.[1x]

After failing inspection by their creators, they were flushed out through the fortress's sewer systems of a fortress upon Medrengard. However, these creatures did not always die, but sometimes survived and even thrived. Although each was unique in shape and size, the scent they carried from the Daemonculuba made them kin, and together they hunted for meat wherever it could be found on the Daemon World.[1x]

Like modern social hierarchies, the Unfleshed were led by the most powerful, a massive creature called the Lord of the Unfleshed. Their leader was concerned not only for the welfare of himself but all the Unfleshed, including the smallest and weakest of his kind. Throughout their hunts on Medrengard, they sought meat which was brought back to their pack, and shared to help the younger and weaker ones grow. However, the size of their larger members gave them incredible appetites.[1x]

Though the products of Chaos sorcery, the Unfleshed were not evil, and, incredibly, retained their reverence for the Emperor of Mankind, worshiping Him as a father figure who loved and protected them. Whether this was a lingering childhood memory or a product of the genetic memories instilled in them by the gene-seed is unknown.[1x]

The Unfleshed made a pact with Uriel Ventris and Pasanius Lysane when the two former Ultramarines arrived on Medrengard, and assisted them in assaulting Khalan-Ghol.[1x] Those that survived the assault escaped Medrengard, along with the Ultramarines, aboard a Daemon Engine, and arrived on the planet Salinas.[2a]

Uriel fretted over a way to find a safe haven for the Unfleshed, knowing that they would be reviled and suspected by the wider Imperium. This decision was taken out of his hands when the Unfleshed were possessed by the spirits of civilians massacred on Salinas by the current Governor, Leto Barbaden.[2b] Under their control, the Unfleshed slaughtered the Salinas PDF and badly wounded the Grey Knights strike force sent to Salinas.[2c][2d][2e][2f]

After the dead were banished, all of the Unfleshed had been killed except the Lord, who wept that the Emperor would never forgive them for the "bad things" they had done. Uriel assured the Lord that the Emperor still loved them, before performing a mercy killing with a Grey Knight's psycannon.[2f]

Since the Daemonculaba was destroyed along with Khalan-Ghol, it is likely that the Unfleshed are now extinct.