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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Space Marine chapters; for the Short Story by Graham McNeill, see Unforgiven (Short Story).

The Unforgiven refers collectively to the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter and their successor chapters. [1d] [2][3] The name stems from the terrible events causing the downfall of Caliban and the corruption of a number of the Dark Angels Legion under Luther. [1a]


In order to absolve themselves of the Legion's ancient sin, the Unforgiven have the self-appointed task of hunting down and capturing all of the Marines who turned to Chaos at the downfall ("the Fallen") and making them repent in some way.[1b] They will execute this task to the letter, often abandoning campaigns and battles at vital junctions to follow a lead. Some question the loyalty of the Dark Angels for this reason and that they give this special agenda greater importance than the orders of the Emperor himself.[1h] Even when fighting with allies the Dark Angels keep their own company, lest someone learn something of their shameful history by mistake and let their greatest secret escape.[1b] [1c]

Each Unforgiven chapter closely follows the Dark Angels organization; each has its Inner Circle, and each has formations similar to the Dark Angels' Deathwing and Ravenwing companies. All of the Unforgiven chapters coordinate their actions in regard to their secret mission, and it is not unknown for the Supreme Grand Masters of the respective chapters to hold summit meetings within the Rock. [1d] [1e]

The arrival of Primaris Space Marines has sent ripples of shock throughout the Unforgiven, for suddenly thousands of new sons of the Lion arrived without initiation to the rites and rituals of the Inner Circle. Some welcomed the new Primaris Space Marines while others maintain mistrust.[5a]

During the Arks of Omen Campaign, The Rock was boarded by the forces of Vashtorr as part of his own agenda. This proved to provoke the fury of Dark Angels Supreme Grand Master Azrael, who assembled as much of the Unforgiven as could be found. Ultimately, some 3/4th of their total strength was assembled for the Battle of Idolatros.[6a] However the subsequent losses for the Unforgiven were grievous, so much so that Abaddon estimated they were severely reduced and may never again regain their former strength.[6b]

Known Unforgiven Chapters

Many records of that time have been destroyed and the exact number of Dark Angel Successor Chapters is not known.[1d] The known Unforgiven chapters include:

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