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Universe Class Mass Conveyor

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Universe Class Mass Conveyor[1]

The Universe Class Mass Conveyor is a class of Imperial Transport ship of the Imperial Fleet.[1]


The Universe Class is used mostly by the Merchant Fleets or Rogue Traders for mass-trade, and the Imperial Navy to transport large numbers of Imperial Guard to the front. They are amongst the largest class of starship produced in the Imperium, measuring nearly twelve kilometres long and capable of holding up to 500,000 passengers.[1]

Constructing these massive ships is an immense undertaking, taking significant time and resources and thus they can only be constructed above the richest Imperial worlds. Universe Mass Conveyors are almost self-contained worlds, where entire spaceborne communities live out their lives, uncaring as to the vessel's destination or its owners' identities.[1]

Technical Specifications[1]

  • Dimensions: 12km long, 1.3km abeam
  • Mass: 60 megatonnes
  • Crew: 60,000 Crew + 200,000-500,000 passengers
  • Acceleration: 5 gravities


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