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Unnumbered Sons

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The Unnumbered Sons was a classification of Primaris Space Marine that was created by Lord Commander Guilliman during the formation of the Indomitus Crusade. They were officially known as the Unnumbered Sons of the Primarchs[1a] (sometimes - specifically, for example, Unnumbered Sons of Guilliman or Unnumbered Sons of Dorn)[8] but some within their ranks referred to themselves as Greyshields.[1a]


Of the many thousands of Primaris Space Marines created by Archmagos Dominus Cawl, half were formed into new Chapters, from the so called Ultima Founding, while the rest were gathered into nine armies. These armies were descended from the nine loyalist gene-lines, who wore the livery of their founding Primarchs, and were then further organised into Chapter-sized formations. These armies were then made to fight in mixed gene-line squads, by Lord Commander Guilliman[1a], who hoped the different gene-lines would learn from each other and not repeat the misunderstandings that have occurred between Chapters in the past[1c]. Despite fighting in mixed units, the Unnumbered Sons were united by their prominent badges that were crossed with pale grey chevrons.[1a]

The Unnumbered Sons were a major force within the Indomitus Crusade, but as the Crusade progressed their strength dwindled; both from battle losses, as well as being separated from their groups on the orders of Lord Commander Guilliman. Those Primaris Space Marines that were separated from the Unnumbered Sons, were usually assigned by companies, squadrons and even smaller numbers, to understrength Chapters encountered by the Indomitus Crusade. However, sometimes Guilliman created whole new Chapters where they were needed, such as when important worlds needed to be defended from the Imperium's enemies. Sons of Guilliman could become Aurora Marines, Doom Eagles, etc., Sons of Dorn could become Black Templars, Imperial Fists, etc. and so on. However, by the time of the Battle of Raukos, only twenty thousand of the Unnumbered Sons remained within the Crusade[1a]. This proved to be the last battle the Unnumbered Sons would fight in though, as Lord Commander Guilliman ended the first phase of the Indomitus Crusade and ordered the disbandment of the group[1b][6]. Some of the Unnumbered Sons were then formed into new Chapters[1b], such as the Knights Cerulean, Praetors of Ultramar[1e] and the Wolfspear[1c]; while most would take the lessons they had learned from each other, to established Chapters descended from their Primarchs.[1b]

Known Unnumbered Sons

Genetic Line of Lion El'Jonson

Genetic Line of Jaghatai Khan

Genetic Line of Leman Russ

Genetic Line of Rogal Dorn

Genetic Line of Sanguinius

Genetic Line of Ferrus Manus

Genetic Line of Roboute Guilliman

Genetic Lineage of Corvus Corax

Unknown Lineage