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Urban Conquest

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Urban Conquest
Released January 2019
Pages 80

Urban Conquest is an expansion for the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000.


In a galaxy in which every planet is a bitterly contested war zone, cities make for the bloodiest of battlefields. Armies manoeuvre amidst the blasted ruins in claustrophobic and lethal environments. Death lurks in every window and waits around every corner.

Urban Conquest gives you everything you need to play thrilling campaigns of city-wide combat. Build your own metropolitan warscape with the cards provided, then participate in intense linked campaigns where you'll battle to hold key strategic locations, each providing unique benefits to your forces. As an expansion for the game, a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook will be required to use Urban Conquest.


  • The Urban Conquest rulebook – your complete guide to running campaigns and recreating the urban battlescapes of the 41st millennium with a host of new rules.
  • The Streets of Death cityscape map – a modular campaign map where you construct your own city using location cards.
  • Various cards to keep track of locations, strategic resources, random events and more.
  • A set of plastic ruins and rubble, plus Cities of Death objectives for adding thematic flavour to your Urban Conquest campaigns.



Though the book was printed in 2018 (and this is actually stated on its page 2), still the official release date was January 2019.

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