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Urlakk Urg

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Urlakk Urg was an infamous and powerful Ork Warboss slain by Horus Lupercal during the Great Crusade. His massive Waaagh! controlled a region of space centred on Ullanor and threatened the Imperium's borders. The Emperor of Mankind and Horus led a massive Imperial force to remove Urg's threat.

Horus lured Urg's forces away from his targets while Space Marine Legions retook the outlying systems and the Luna Wolves drove straight for the heart of his empire. As the battle raged outside his fortress, Urg kept forty of the biggest, meanest Nobs at his side. When Horus and his Justaerin Terminators entered the throne room, they hacked a path through the Nobs for the Primarch. Horus crippled Urg and threw him from the top of his fortress, ending his life and breaking his army's morale[1][2].

Boss Urlakk's power was such that few other orks in history have become as great a threat, such as The Beast.[1][3]

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