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Urlock Gaur

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Urlock Gaur is the commander of the Blood Pact and Archon of Chaos forces in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. One of the original founders of the Blood Pact, his emphasis on military-style discipline over the mindless fanaticism seen in other Chaos Cults allowed his forces to rise to fame in the Sabbat Worlds and gain favor with the Chaos Archon there, Nadzybar. A devoted servant of the Chaos God Khorne, Gaur personally swears in every new member of the Blood Pact by having the recruit ritually gash his hand upon his armour[1], which formerly belonged to a Space Marine[2]. For this reason, Blood Pact soldiers cover their bodies and faces with their combat uniforms and grotesque masques, but deliberately leave their hands exposed, proudly exhibiting their scars.[1][2]

After the death of Nadzybar, Gaur would eventually succeed him as Archon of Chaos forces in the Sabbat Worlds after a power struggle with Anakwanar Sek, leader of the Sons of Sek.[1]