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Ursh was a nation-state of the old Terra[1] in what had once been Russia and Central Asia.[Needs Citation]


It flourished during the Age of Strife. Its forces, led by the tyrant Kalagann conquest many pre-Imperial nations, including the Nordafrik Conclaves where they destroyed the paradise oases of Xozer, nomadic caterpillar cities of the Taiga and other nations of old Terra, but were ultimately defeated by the Emperor of Mankind during the Unification Wars.[1]

Famous Elements of Ursh

  • Kalagann - a great overlord and conqueror[1]
  • Lurtois - one of the great generals of Kalagann[1]
  • Shang Khal - one of the great generals of Kalagann[1]
  • Quallodon - one of the great generals of Kalagann[1]
  • Anult Keyser - lord martial of the Tupelov Lancers forces[1]
  • Tupelov Lancers - general Shang Khal's striking force[1]
  • Red Engines - general Shang Khal's armoured striking force[1]
  • Roma - a squadron of mercenary fliers. They had in service a richly decorated interceptors, that according to the legend never landed, living eternally in the scope of air[1]
  • Wilhym Mardol - loyal lieutenant of Anult Keyser. During the destruction of Xozer he was possessed by a daemon and slain his former commander[1]
  • Mafeo Orde - leader of the wrathsingers forces, who played a decisive role in the destruction of Xozer's hierophants daemon summoners[1]

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