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Servitor 00897 "Urtho"[1d] was a Servitor owned by Enginseer Adept Brasslock of the 7th Paragonian Super-heavy Tank Company.[1b]


In 397.M41, the 7th Paragonian were deployed on Kalidar IV to liberate that world from an ork invasion.[1a] At one point in the campaign, the 7th was part of an Imperial detachment present in Macaree's Tablelands. The 7th's tanks were powered down for routine maintenance while a number of the company's officers were at a function aboard the Command Leviathan Magnificence.[1c] However, an ork warband attacked the Imperial positions under the cover of a sandstorm.[1c][1d] Brasslock and Urtho were forced to defend the tanks from the raiders. Although Urtho killed 14 orks (more than expected given its weapons and capabilities), its weapon jammed due to the sand and it was forced to fight the orks at close range. Urtho was ripped apart by the savage xenos and Brasslock was kidnapped.[1d]

In the aftermath of the attack, Magos Rotar commended the servitor for its above-average performance and expressed the intention to salvage what they could from Urtho to construct a new servitor.[1d]


When required for battle, Urtho was usually fitted with an arm-mounted Delta-Ceres pattern heavy bolter.[1d]