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  • Thou should never get tired of searching new information!
  • Thou shall preserve the purity of official materials!
  • No fluff-abomination must be left unpurged!
  • Beware of the Non-Citation Heresy!
  • Somebody serves to the Emperor on the battlefield and warzone. Your battlefield - is the field of information. Your weapon - is a data. Your victory - is the victory of word and truth. That is also a way to serve to the Emperor-Omnissiah.
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Note for Myself


Articles that have not yet been added to the Lexicanum will be accumulated here.
This Chapter will help the humble adept to find out if there is information on the desired name in the Warhammer 40k background (and where does this information featured).
Note: Not in Alpabetical - in time-of-work order.