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Games Workshop
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Subject Sources
Campaign websites Internet Archive:
Warhammer 40,000
  • Heroes and Villains of the 41st Millennium: Fabius Bile - US WD277/UK WD278
  • Clone of Horus - Index Astartes IV
  • Abaddon rumoured clone-son - White Dwarf 267 US 268 UK
  • Art of Replicae - Red Fury by James Swallow
Space Wolves sagas

Index Astartes: Space Wolves:

  • "The Ascension of the Wolf-King" (Gauril's Saga)
St Josmane's Hope
  • 1: UK White Dwarf 318
  • 2: WD292us "The Liber Sororitas" p.81
  • WD 275: Heroes and Villains
  • BFG - Cerebrus Campaign
Council of Charon