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Greetings fellow adepts! I'm a lore-only fan of 40K and intend to contribute as much as I can. That being said, I'm trying to write my Master's dissertation at the moment so my contributions will be irregular; also my preference is for major edits, so I'll sit on citations/information for articles until I'm prepared to get around to addressing them. I have access to a lot of source materials, but I'm not in a position to help others with citations at the moment. If anyone needs me, I use the same screenname on the Lex Discord channel and on r/40KLore.

Currently on hiatus until late September 2020, when I'll update all the [Bloodquest] pages.

Current(ly delayed) Project - Project Inferno!

I intend to fix all the redlinks on pages relating to [Inferno! (magazine)], and overhaul any page an Inferno! article links to; this includes creating and populating new pages as well as overhauling existing ones. This project is gonna take quite a while, so edits won't be regular, but will be comprehensive i.e. I'll be going down the rabbit hole a lot.

Long-term project

The updating of the following Short Story pages with an overview, summary, proper citations and other salient info:

  • [The Rite of Holos (Short Story)]
  • [The Chalice (Short Story)]
  • [Honour and Wrath (Short Story)]
  • [Beneath the Flesh (Short Story)]
  • [Blood Debt (Short Story)]
  • [The Blood of Angels (Short Story)]
  • [Bloodline (Short Story)]
  • [The Burden of Angels (Short Story)]
  • [Crimson Night (Short Story)]
  • [Dante: Lord of the Host (Short Story)]
  • [Deathwatch: Bad Blood (Short Story)]
  • [Deathwatch: The Walker in Fire (Short Story)]
  • [Eclipse of Hope (Short Story)]
  • [Honours (Short Story)]
  • [Lost Sons (Short Story)]
  • [Redeemed (Short Story)]
  • [The Sanguinor: Exemplar of the Host (Short Story)]
  • [Gabriel Seth: The Flesh Tearer (Short Story)]
  • [Astorath the Grim: Redeemer of the Lost (Short Story)]
  • [Torturer's Thirst (Short Story)]
  • [Know Thyself (Short Story)]
  • [From the Blood (Short Story)]
  • [Blood in the Machine (Audio Drama)]
  • [Sins of the Father (Short Story)]
  • [A Son's Burden (Short Story)]
  • [Virtues of the Sons (Short Story)]
  • [Sanguis Irae (Short Story)]
  • [Sin of Damnation (Novella)]
  • [Space Hulk (Novella)]

Create and populate pages for the following short stories

Planned future Chapter-page overhauls

  • The [Angels Penitent]
  • The [Blood Drinkers]
  • The [Lamenters]
  • The [Knights of Blood]
  • The [Angels Vermillion]
  • The [Flesh Tearers]