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An Inquisitor and Archivist (ahem, 40K nerd) with a deep passion and at least 25 year's love for GW's grim-dark warscape of a future. I have a reasonably large collection of GW, FW and Black Library literature and immerse myself in the lore of the 40K universe (I sometimes even paint something or play a game!). I'm trying to obtain 1st through current versions of rulebooks, Codexes, background books, etc. largely to read the content and have a good number, working on hoarding the rest gradually.

I'm particularly interested in fixing spelling, grammar and readability but also any broken markup I find laying around. I will only adjust points of lore if I have appropriate official sources, and ones that haven't been retconned since! If I happen to inadvertently make something worse, please shout and throw things at me and I'll correct/revert any mistake - I'm generally more Thorian than Amalathian. ;-)