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Co-founder, Sysop and Bureaucrat of the LEXICANUM.



Differences between the Lexicanum and the Warhammer 40,000 Wikia

In a nutshell: we, the Lexicanum, allow only officially published material. The Wikia allows also fan-made information and artwork. These are different approaches, the reader/ user has to choose what he wants to have before joining either project. Below the official statement of Montonius from the Wikia, talking about the Wikia:

I am aware of the fan-made art on this wiki; I authorised it. This wiki has always made use of and patronised fan art and will continue to do so. I am aware some dislike fan-made art and I understand your point of view on the matter; however, I do not share it, nor do most of our editors or administrators. Most of the pictures you highlighted I and many others like, including of the Imperial Guardswoman which I specifically allowed to remain in place to showcase a completely different style of art work for the universe, in this case anime. I have now removed that picture and replaced it with one of the ones you offered, as it has proven more controversial than I had hoped. However, we long ago made the decision to use fan-made art as we believe that "canon" does not include only official art. If you find this too deviant from what you define as canon, I perfectly understand that view, but again do not share it. Multiple artistic interpretations of the Warhammer 40,000 universe have always been a lively part of the hobby and we have chosen to showcase some of this artistic expression here. We can agree to disagree on whether the use of only official art is canon, but we have chosen to use fan-made art as well as fan-made models and miniatures to display certain aspects of the world and that will not be changing. In the case of certain alien species or other artefacts of the universe, when there is no official art for them, I am happy to make use of the artistic license and creations of others if such exist to serve as place holders or to display certain concepts with the fresh eyes of a different style than the standard Gothic works of official art; if those creations are later superseded by an official rendering or determined to not be within the realm of possibility even within the bounds of artistic license, they will be replaced.

As to the wiki "being made better through concerted effort" frankly, this wiki was resurrected from the dead by the already quite concerted efforts of people who have dedicated hundreds of hours of their time free of charge to bring it to its current state. While certainly I agree there is always room for improvement, and we are always engaged in such an effort as is the nature of all wikis, I do not agree with your suggestion as being an improvement and find this wiki, in my admittedly biased opinion, to be already simply the best repository for Warhammer 40k information on the Internet and one that will only grow better with time using our current policies.

My suggestion would be if if you find this unpalatable, then you should patronise the Lexicanum, as they are a wonderful wiki that is more well-established and has many more pages than this effort and whose guidelines may be more in line with your own vision for a Warhammer 40k wiki. Thanks for taking the time to raise your concerns. Montonius 10:07, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

Interesting blogs or webpages

Purely subjective and personal opinion:

Fluff and Oldschool

Painting and modelling

Identifying miniatures

(Advanced) Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)

Useful (and free) tools

Purely subjective and personal opinion:

  • Convert Case: Sick of having to retype something just because somebody wrote again in CAPSLOCK? This will help you out.
  • Stripe Generator 2.0: Because everything looks better with warning stripes.
  • Share X: for (among other things) rolling screenshots
  • MW Snap: for diverse screenshots
  • Adobe Express png-to-jpg converter: Because images in png format are very big and for most Lexicanum purposes jpg format is sufficient.

Wiki codes (WIP)

  • Display code as text:
  • Signature with date:
    • Signature without date:
  • Internal link:
    or with a different title displayed instead of the actual article name:
    [[article|New title]]
  • External link:
    [http://www.example.com Name of website]
  • Redirects:
  • Interlexicanum links:
    • To the English 40K Lexicanum:
      [[lex_en_wh40k:Ezekyle Abaddon|Ezekyle Abaddon]]
    • To the German 40K Lexicanum:
      [[lex_de_wh40k:Ezekyle Abaddon|Ezekyle Abaddon]]
    • To the French 40K Lexicanum:
      [[lex_fr_wh40k:Ezekyle Abaddon|Ezekyle Abaddon]]

    • To the English WFB Lexicanum:
      [[lex_de_whfb:Sigmar Heldenhammer|Sigmar Heldenhammer]]
    • To the German WFB Lexicanum:
      [[lex_en_whfb:Sigmar Heldenhammer|Sigmar Heldenhammer]]
    • To the French WFB Lexicanum:
      [[lex_fr_whfb:Sigmar Heldenhammer|Sigmar Heldenhammer]]
  • Insert empty lines:
  • Citation template:
    • Missing summary template:
    ServiceImage.jpg Attention adept of the Lexicanum!
    This Image needs a summary or it needs to be improved!
    Please add one for clarity on the image.
    • Trivia:
      • Insert empty lines in tables:
        {{Void|Remove template when inserting information}}

      Image categories (WIP)

      Non-exhaustive and incomplete list of categories for uploaded images. Each subcategory can be categorized in multiple higher categories, e.g. the subcategory containing the images pertaining to the history of Chaos is a subcategory of both "Images (History)" and "Images (Chaos)". Looks more complicated than it actually is, really ;) Basically the images go into three main categories:

      1.) Background: in here goes everything which is not a physical GW product (miniature, book, magazine...), not a Lexicanum system image (=image used for Lexicanum templates...). This category is subdivided into a myriad subcategories, most of them them with multiple subcategories.

      2.) Lexicanum: in here go all system images (like images used for Lexicanum templates, tutorials, images used on user pages, images that have to be replaced...)

      3.) Other: in here goes everything else (mainly images of actual GW products but also of events, stores, in short photos as opposed to artwork)

      Why on Terra would someone try to do this, you will ask. Well, in order to find specific images and in order to eliminate multiple uploads of the same image, mainly. And because of some inherent bureaucratical madness I guess.


      • Background
        • Wargear/ tech items
          • Wargear/ tech items Chaos
            • Wargear/ tech items Chaos Space Marines
              • Wargear/ tech items Death Guard
              • Wargear/ tech items Iron Warriors
              • Wargear/ tech items World Eaters
              • ...
            • Wargear/ tech items Demons
              • Wargear/ tech items Khorne
              • Wargear/ tech items Nurgle
              • Wargear/ tech items Slaanesh
              • Wargear/ tech itemsTzeentch
            • Wargear/ tech items Chaos cults
            • ...
          • Wargear/ tech items Imperium
            • Wargear/ tech items Adeptus Arbites
            • Wargear/ tech items Adeptus Mechanicus
            • Wargear/ tech items Imperial Guard and PDF
            • Wargear/ tech items Inquisition
            • Wargear/ tech items Officio Assassinorum
            • Wargear/ tech items Space Marines
              • Wargear/ tech items Grey Knights
              • Wargear/ tech items Ultramarines
              • ...
            • ...
          • Orks
          • Tau
          • ...
        • Galaxy
          • Flora and fauna (plants and animals)
          • Maps
          • Places (~pictures of landscapes, cities, buildings...)
          • Planets (~seen from space)
        • History (~pictures of battles, events...)
          • History Chaos
            • History Great Crusade and Horus Heresy
            • ...
          • History Imperium
            • History Third War for Armaggedon
            • History Great Crusade and Horus Heresy
            • ...
          • History Orks
            • History Third War for Armaggedon
            • ...
        • Races and factions
          • Chaos
            • Aeronautica Imperialis miniatures - Chaos
            • Wargear/ tech items Chaos
              • with all subcategories, see above
            • Chaos Space Marines
            • Chaos Squats
            • Chaos fleet
            • Chaos cults and mutants
            • Chaos titans
            • Dark Millennium - Chaos
            • History - Chaos
            • Khorne
            • Nurgle
            • Slaanesh
            • Tzeentch
            • Warhammer 40.000 miniatures - Chaos
          • Eldar
          • Imperium
          • Abhumans and mutants
          • Necrons and C'tan
          • Orks
          • Squats
          • Tau
          • Tyranids
          • Other aliens
      • Lexicanum
      • Other

      Cleanup op bookmarks

      Continue at: 06:53, 8 March 2019 (diff | hist) . . (+119)‎ . . Serob Kargul ‎‎DOWN

      Ideas for next completely ludicrous undertakings (after cleanup op above)

      Help articles to write


      Found templates

      • {{Cite}}: This article needs thorough work on its citations Is this really necessary?
      • {{ImageNeeded}}: This article needs images
      • {{ImageRename}}: This image needs to be renamed
      • {{ImSum}}: This image needs a summary should be renamed to fit in with others, nobody likes cryptic abbreviations
      • {{ImSource}}: This image needs a source should be renamed to fit in with others, nobody likes cryptic abbreviations
      • {{ImCopy}}: : This image needs the correct Copyright disclaimer should be renamed to fit in with others, nobody likes cryptic abbreviations
      • {{delete}}: This article or image should be deleted Template has to be overhauled and it has to be decided if the voting system will be kept
      • {{incomplete}}: This article is incomplete Template has to be overhauled and include that it must be specified what elements are missing
      • {{stub}}: This article is a stub The difference between Stub and incomplete must be worked out; it must be clearly defined what a stub actually is
      • {{Attention|Problem=xyz}}: This article has a problem with xyz and somebody should check out the source.
      • {{Spamsuspect}}
      • {{Welcome}} needs thorough overhaul
      • {{howtosource}} needs thorough overhaul
      • {{SourcesWarning}}
      • ...

      Suggested templates or lost templates

      Found code

      • <pre>...</pre>: light grey long box
      • <nowiki>...</nowiki>: Nowiki

      Mass delete combos

      [alt]+[shift]+[d] --> delete
      --> [enter] --> delete conformation
      --> [ctrl]+[pg down] --> next tab

      Things for Larry to fix

      • Change the Navigation button "Forum" link to the proper Namespace article.
      • Better coordination/ input from Lex to BoLS social media.

      Temporary storage

      Temporary galleries

      Unsourced and/ or unused, but potentially rare/ usable material


      Inquisitor scale weapons pack

      Elysian Drop-troops 40K scale miniatures from Forgeworld