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To Do

  • Category:People
  • Space Marine templates
  • Update character categories
  • Category:War Engines
  • Weapons categories?
  • Sort weapons of the Imperium
  • Quotes tidy

See Fiction for my writings

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User:Jonru/Dodgy Articles
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A bit about me:

I have Imperial Guard, Necrons into Iron Hands style Space Marines, named the Brazen Fists, although i'm selling off most of my warhammer in pursuit of real life.

Contact me: jonru"AT"lexicanum.com

I'm currently a sysop so if you have any questions feel free to post under my talk page or email me. Cheers --Jonru 13:12, 30 September 2006 (CEST)

  • Lord Inquisitor Jonru Alveus of The Most Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition - Ordo Malleus thoreo-recongregationist
  • Expeditionary Leader Jonru Alveus of the Brazen Fists
  • Colonel Jonru Alveus of the 1st Reathian Regiment, 'Bombardies'.
  • Generic Necron Lord of the Red Devils Necrons