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I have been playing since Rogue Trader and reading since the Draco/Inquisitor series. I was skeptical about the Horus Heresy series at first, but there have been some great additions.

To do: Legacies of Betrayal (Anthology)

Iron Warriors Horus Heresy Timeline


Destruction of Olympia and Horus's Meeting (Angel Exterminatus Ch. 1)

Horus Rebels

Battle of Diamat

  • Fallen Angels (Novel) - Lion El'Jonson prevents Horus from seizing Ordinatus seige engines, hands them to Perturabo as Iron Warriors travel to Isstvan V

Drop Site Massacre

Battle at the Phall System - 141 Days after Imperial Fists create retribution fleet and becalmed at Phall System

First Siege of Hydra Cordatus/Battle of Iydris

Escape from Iydris

Battle of Tallarn

Side Stories


Battle of Great Selenic palace on Euphorus - Krendl uses the ordinatus to attack the palace

Other battles

Dark Angels Horus Heresy Timeline

The Lion



  • The Lion and the Wolf incident sometime?

Horus Heresy

  • Fallen Angels (Novel) - Sent by Horus to attack Gordian League before betrayal, travels to Diamat after weapons, unknown extent of the betrayal, give Ordinatus to Iron Warriors, later tested by Krendl in Ironfire

Pre-Thramas Crusade

Thramas Crusade

Imperium Secundus

Side Stories


Perditus continued

Night Lords Horus Heresy Timeline

Jago Sevatarion

Blood Angels Horus Heresy Timeline

Outbreak of Heresy

Imperium Secundus

White Scars Horus Heresy Timeline

The Khan



Trials of Betrayers

Side Stories

Raven Guard Horus Heresy Timeline

Istvaan V


Constanix II ??

Carandiru and Scarato ??

Atlas ??


Euesa (2 years after Perfect Fortress Assault--End of Deliverance Lost)

Side Stories

Space Wolves Horus Heresy Timeline

Leman Russ

Battle of Prospero

Battle of the Alaxxes Nebula

Return to Terra

Side Stories

Assignments to Legions

Ultramarines Horus Heresy Timeline



Imperium Secundus

Aeonid Thiel


Knight-Errant Horus Heresy Timeline

Place: The Sigillite (Audio Book), Ghosts Speak Naught (Short Story) (after Voyen's return), Patience (Short Story), Child of Night (Short Story), Fel Zharost recruitment, and human psykers in The Imperial_Truth (Anthology)#All That Remains

Nathaniel Garro

Severian - former Luna Wolf

Tylos Rubio - former Ultramarine Librarian

Garviel Loken - former Luna Wolf

Iacton Qruze - former Luna Wolf

Ison - former Blood Angel Librarian

Kaspian Hecht, fake Knight Errant in Deathfire (Novel) but suggests others know about the Knights Errant.

Crusader Host Timeline

Word Bearers


Order of the Dragon - Deliverance Lost rebellion Ouroboros? - The Lion in The Primarchs