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The Death of Integrity

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Zachariah Kersh is the Chapter Master of the Excoriators. He was the sole survivor of the Cholercaust assualt on Cerstus-Minor.

The Scourge

  • Held rank of Scourge to Chapter master Quesiah Ichabod ch 1 p 35
  • Previously held rank of Squad Whip for 8th Company 2nd squad then in the Vangaurd 1st company Ch.4 p.104
  • Chapter Master Ichabod went to inspect Excoriator Chapter house on Ignis Prime, ambushed by Alpha Legion. While fighting, Kersh became afflicted by Darkness Ch.4 p.98
  • Kersh lost Stigmartyr after becoming afflicted by Darkness Ch.4 p.96
  • Ichabod afflicted with Alpha Legion poison. Excoriators looking for cure ch.2 p.52
  • Excoriator Vanguard all but wiped out ch.2 p.51

The Feast of Blades

  • Excoriators suffered heavy losses in early rounds ch p 35. corpus-captain gideon ordered kersh to be awoken ch 1 p 40
  • Despite being afflicted by the Darkness, Chapter master Ichabod sent Zacariah Kersh Ch.1 p 41
  • Experimental procedure Apothecary Ezrachi awakens Kersh Ch.1 pp.41-46