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Pretty good representation, although I'm not that cute IRL

I hope to help improve the fantastic ressource that is Lexicanum, both in english and french. My knowledge is mostly focused on the Imperium (SM, IG & SoB), the squats and the orks, with some tau bits from 3rd edition.

Do-to list (with editing training)

  • Create page for the Inquisitor Sketchbook
  • Complete pages with fluff from the Inquisitor Sketchbook
  • Upload all the official images available via deviantart (andreauderzo, albe75, NicholasKay...)
  • Make pages for the some of the old 2nd edition imperial vehicules (Hyena), systems (equipment cards & WD upgrades), all the squats (cf. cyberslayers & pirates), Epic units and characters.
  • Find those bloody Dark Eldar Demilune and Ephrael Stern Dreadnought.
  • Add SoB Orders from BL novels.
  • List and add the RPG stuff
  • Add the various Thunderbolt weapons configs
  • List all the comics (and short stories)
  • Add Warhammer Monthly, Troll Mail Order magazine, potentially Inquisitor (18 issues between 1991 and 1999) by Armorcast due to the official GW Q&A and the minis.
  • Index all the magazines
    • Remember the fanatic template
  • Add pages for Armorcast, Epicast and Forge World Models (licenced products)
  • Add Last Chance (check Inferno for other non-reedited shorts)
  • Add missing SoB and Inquisitor minis
  • Check crusader houses, vis-à-vis Praesidium Protectiva

Mettre tous les à-cotés (Pegasus: Deulyith system - Campaign of Deliverance - Battle of Blood Stone - General Strong - Baine Regiments) Corriger les fautes de grammaires de la VF.

-Orsay (talk) 09:26, 3 March 2019 (MST)