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An Engineer and Plasma Physicist;

“Apart from the warpy stuff, more of 40k than you would expect is surprisingly scientifically feasible” - Me, 2019

Corollary: this generally applies to starships and technology of the Imperium and Adeptus Mechanicus. Except for materials technology - the far future has many wonderous materials that I would love to get my hands on: Estimates indicate that most starships would float on water, yet can survive relativistic impacts from macro-cannons.

I have been into 40k and related since ‘05, have played Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Tyranids, Necrons, Adeptus Mechanicus, and am a happy owner of nearly all the 40k RPG books and a heck of a lot of other background material. Also an extensive background in other science fiction/space operas. Earliest memories include having a metal dreadnought thrown at me.

Currently running an RPG campaign which is a fun mishmash of all compatible systems.

What I am currently working on

  • Finding esoteric Lore from Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, etc, and putting it into Lexicanum for everyone to see.
  • Incorporating all known planets, systems and notable features into an accurate galactic map. It was going fine until I got to Schindlegeist, which is apparently no longer in the gothic sector. Eastern fringe is mostly done. Please tell me if you find more planets/star systems!
  • (20/01/2021) I have solved the Schindlegeist problem. The one on the Galactic map is actually spelt slightly differently, Schindelgheist, swapping the positions of the 'e' & 'l' and with an extra 'h'. Well played, GW, well Played.