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Aurum (disambiguation)

Oh hi...

I'm Ytokes and I'm heavily into the background of 40K, never played the game and never will. I collect novels like they're the last pieces of gold on the planet and am slowly chugging my way through them.

I hope to be able to upgrade all the Novel pages, one at a time as I read each in time. Currently I'm reading:

  • Something off the To do list hopefully

One note: The Anthology collections are typically my region, once I get them in my possession I do generally TRY to complete their page.

My resources are: Background Books:

  • Sabbat Worlds Crusade
  • Tactica Imperialis
  • Xenology
  • Art of Warhammer 40K
  • Inquisition (Background Book)
  • Insignium Astartes
  • Horus Heresy: Collected Visions (Undigitized)


  • Warhammer40K 5E
  • Blood Angels 5E
  • Grey Knights 5E
  • Imperial Guard 5E
  • Space Marines 5E
  • Space Wolves 5E
  • Tyranids 5E
  • Dark Eldar 5E
  • Black Templars 4E
  • Chaos Space Marines 4E
  • Orks 4E
  • Tau Empire 4E
  • Eldar 4E
  • Daemonhunters 3E
  • Necrons 3E

90% of Comics

To do List: