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Interim storage

Dark Wolves. This secretive, and consequently and a not popular order broke away from Legion of Sovereigns of Night of Konrada Kurze (accepting the side of Chaos) and early had a base on the planet of Nostromo; in present time is based in the movable space fortress of Trigodon.

Basic information

Hating Chaos

History of order of Dark Wolves takes beginning in distant times of the First Foundation. Testing on itself strong influence of Chaos, they hate him other more Orders. Nobody was able to exterminate so much heretics, as they.


Coat of arms of Order of Dark Wolves

In the days of, when Imperium War Master gave birth only, in days Great Cross Hike, Chorus betrayed Humanity, and passed to the side of Chaos. The half of all of Legions of Space Landing joined in with Chorus. Eta to take into account grasped Legion of Sovereigns of Night. Many and many warriors followed on Master of War. But we’re and those which opposed heresy. One of them was a chaplain Bistar. Strong the soul, praying Emperor, he was able to banish temptation from surrounding him paratroopers. They wanted immediately to attack betrayers – and to perish, if required, in glory of Him; but Bistar understood that their forces are too small, therefore retained them. "It is necessary to save each the war. Each of them is priceless. Losses unit admits" - he repeated each time. Secretly, collecting needments and waiting till darkness, they abandoned the fortress desecrated darkness carefully. Slowly, night after night, warrior after a warrior they were directed in the wild forests, where arranged temporal refuge. Last the bulwark of heresy abandoned Bistar, escorted by the true friend - enormous, black, as darkness, wolf Kaster. A surprisingly clever animal not once rescued him life. Two-meter, muscular and an incredibly adroit wolf accompanied the owner everywhere. In the forests of Nostoromo, quite wild, warriors were 15 nights, restoring forces and planning the further actions. An intoxicated force of chaos, neither Kurz nor his numerous armies was not noticed by their absences, as well as that they did not betray Emperor. Content of the personal magazine of Bistara is further printed:

Beginning of record

Day 16: morning

An idea of day is keep us Emperor.

Enormous responsibility fallen down on me. Further expectation is senseless. It is necessary to clean this planet, or to destroy it. But as? Sure, our forces are insignificant. Wars are brave, full noble fury and force. Their faith is so strong, as well as my, but those which we resist are too numerous. I cannot risk the people. It is something needed to undertake.

Day 16: evening

I told wars the fears: if to remain here longer, heretics will find us. The long clock of discussion and disputes was given by the garden-stuffs: we must force ones the way through to космопорту and send a messenger which will bring forces of help here. A volunteer was cause Drend Luedo. What, youth knows, to what goes, and his confidence strikes me.

Day 17: night

We decided to go by this night. The warrior sent on secret service reported, that космопорт was guarded hundred fighters. We decided to give up direct assault, operating maximally quietly. I am in doubts. The terrible screaming and moans from a fortress is audible even on such delete. That is created there? What forces were? I do not know. But swear by Emperor, I will do away with it.

Day 17: morning

Keep us Emperor.

Nightly assault went well, but many fighters are injured. As well as planned, we had been divided into four groups, noiselessly moving up from four sides. Suddenness did the business. We moved up to the ships. And glory to Emperor, that космопорт is so distant from a fortress, that we were not heard. Chaos gave Heretics enormous forces, and to clean desecrated космопорт all of our courage was required. A frigging weapon broke through an armor as if butter. But, nevertheless, and Emperor will be blessed, we took космопорт. Nash unique апотекарий works wonder. I am delighted his patience and knowledge’s. I hope, to midday all of wars will be on the moves.

Day 17: midday

Keep us Emperor.

A messenger is sent. A few fighters went away with him. I am surprised, as such clever youth however much Luedo became Bibliariem. He with lightness maneuvered the Thunder hawk, and that, as if reading his ideas, was directed in sky. But, alike, it came into a superfluous notice. I heard an incomprehensible howl, and sky grew dark. Alike, a battle coming. I beg Emperor that a help came in time in time. Fighters occupy defensive positions already. A main passage-way is barricaded, a battle will be cruel. And Emperor keeps us.

Day 18: night

Keep us Emperor.

My fears justified oneself. Hundreds of heretics surrounded us. We stick to, but our amount yields to the enemy. We removed attacks all day long. It was hardness to kill those, who we named brothers, but we understood: betrayers do not feel that. There were attempts to break through barricades, but glory to Emperor, we survived assault. It is needed to stick to, while a help will not come. We will manage. I am sure.

Day 18: morning

To burn Chaos in eternal flame of Warp.

Night was not quiet. Enemies did not want to give us the not minute of breathing space. A main gate is almost probits already, barricades only temporal decision. We will be hopes that a help will be in good time.

Day 18: evening

Keep us Emperor.

A main gate is almost profits. I gave an order all to depart on a flight ground. Carefully moving on a chain bridge, we quickly, divorcing defensive positions. Powerful walls will provide necessary refuge. A bridge is the unique road to us. I ordered to destroy him. I beg Emperor that we remained.

Day 19: night

Hundreds of heretics burst in космопорт. We immediately opened to on by him fire. Our happiness, that the walls of flight ground are done from сталепласта, and maintain a болтерный fire. We stick to, and we in a vantage-ground, but us little. A height is the unique advantage. Three times we stopped the attempts of enemy to repair a chain bridge. We put to death ten already, if not hundreds of heretics, but they all arrive. I am afraid that they called some frightful forces.

Day 19: evening

Help us Emperor!

I appeared right. Disgusting creatures appeared in crowd. To restrain an enemy goes all from bad to worse, heretics are all more, and them all more difficult to put to death. If we will allow enemies to take and repair a bridge - we are doomed. How long will we be able to restrain them? I do not know. I beg Emperor that a help was in good time.

Day 20: night

Keep us Emperor.

We resisted from the last forces. A hostile fire did not allow us to remove a bridge. Obsessed, Brat of Chaos, Cultist and our former brothers prepared to the last assault. We all pronounced prayer Emperor. Long clock we fired back. Most frightful that for us live ammunitions are closed, and soon we will not be able to be removed. But there is a hope. Our back with me Luedo associated on a portable radio transmitter. They returned. The fortress of Trigodon arrived on an orbit. After us deported a ship. I ordered to include a lighthouse.

Day 20: morning

We resisted from the last forces. A hostile fire did not allow us to remove a bridge. Obsessed, Brat of Chaos, Cultist and our former brothers prepared to the last assault. We all pronounced prayer Emperor. Long clock we fired back. Most frightful that for us live ammunitions are closed, and soon we will not be able to be removed. But there is a hope. Our back with me Luedo associated on a portable radio transmitter. They returned. The fortress of Trigodon arrived on an orbit. After us deported a ship. I ordered to include a lighthouse.

(It is added later)

A thunder Hawk sat down, on happiness, the powerful armor of edging could not be damaged a болтерным fire. A hawk sat down, but at this time an enemy rushed on us. We began to retreat, simultaneously covering each other. All already called hard-over, there were I and a few warriors, when the unexpected happened - a bridge began to the crack, obeying extraordinary magic, and hundreds of enemies attacked on us. I saw him - a sorcerer stood at a bridge, getting on the hip disgusting characters of Chaos, shedding red smoke. We made an effort hurry, but the shots of enemy broke through an amour and pierced in feet. I have fallen down. Some were killed. And that, whatever I will never forget happened here. Kaster is my faithful wolf, in spite of numerous wounds, went at a magician, riding him down. In that moment a bright flash lighted up neighborhood, and a ferriage collapsed, taking away with itself in oblivion of horde of frigging. Kaster perished. But he perished knowingly. Utilizing a calm, warriors brought me on a ship, and we abandoned a planet immediately. And his spirit is blessed will be.

Day 20: midday

We got out. But that to do us? Bodies our are whole, but spirit our is broken. That, who we considered a father - betrayed Emperor. I try to return brothers a faith, but it is difficult, because deprived it. Time will rosin.

End of record

After long time of outage, Bistar and his people, as a token of renunciation from the former brothers, grounded a new order - Dark Wolves, in honour that, without the victim of which, possibly, they would not survive. Image of Kastera and until now carry as character members of Order.

Home world

In connection with that Nostromo was destroyed, Order is based on the space fortress of Trigodon. Eta massive ancient fortress, built as early as Dark Era of Technologies, «Emperor» is a regenerate under fort enormous battle barge of class. A fortress contains all of necessary for an order: practice halls (able to emulate practically any terms of environment, from the icy deserts to the jungles), gun workshops (allowing a technical office worker to create new and to repair an old armament and panoplies) and numerous barrack compartments. Besides a base, a fortress is an excellent battle ship, and repeatedly utillized Wolves. Numberless space battles left hundreds of отметин and сколов on edging, that betrayed Trigodonu truly threatening kind. Because Order does not have a native planet, рекрутирование of new members takes a place from planets, being in the system of stay.

Battle doctrine

Dark Wolves always preferred a sudden blow. Suddenness is their basic force. Masters of noiseless fight, they interrupt repeatedly superior them forces of opponent one sledge-hammer blow, before those have time to understand anything. Professionally trained wars, exterminating whole detachments of enemy, not giving out the presence. Besides these features an order observes Code of Astartes strictly. Colors of order: navy blue and darkly-grey.

Deserves the special description the followings distinguishing features:

• Secretive character: secrecy, taciturnity, mistrust to all, whoever is the member of order. It is considered that by reason there is the special genotype it, but it is possible that it is a result of easy mutation.

• «Black consciousness» it is a reckless spite and disgust for all forces of chaos. Some soldiers are able even to disobey an order and attack, if only will feel the presence of heretical forces. The separate members of order are especially subject to this phenomenon. The surprising feature of «Black consciousness» is that, getting in this state; a warrior becomes insensitive to pain and loses sense of fatigue that in the total gives him ability to survive in worst situations. This feature repeatedly helped Order in liberation of planets, bulldogged heretics.

• Immunity to influence of Chaos. During Heresy of Chorus Legion of Sovereigns of Night passed to the side of forces of Chaos. Those, whoever succumbed to temptation, afterwards daily trainings and treatments of psyker got very high firmness to his influence. Body, weapon, armor of every member of order it is covered the runes of defense, and as a result warriors have a high chance to maintain attack the frigging weapon of Chaos.


An order of Dark Wolf is the joined fraternity. None of members will ever give up the brother under the weather, everybody is valued and respected. In spite of presence of ranks, and positions, in fraternity relative equality is supported all. It caused arguments with other Orders, as well as the super measured secrecy. Even Inquisition was not able to extract from an order that, whatever he will give out it. So furious guard of secrets does not find due explanation, although into an order everybody knows everything – without depending on a rank. The special description is required by procedure of reception of new members in Order. They are brought in an observational point — temporally unfolded base on-the-spot planet. There he is tested by псайкеры, analyzing the depths of consciousness. Only after their positive conclusion of scout transport in fort, where it is told him about forces of Chaos, history of formation of order, and also teach bases of survival and fight. Then scout is transported back onto a planet, where he must live 240 hours in complete loneliness, having in an order only an ax. Only after it he again goes back into a fortress, where implants are inculcated him. On occasion fighters are trained in the use sniper rifles, but mainly they are taught the use an ordinary weapon. After it they are sent in the area of battle actions, where those must accumulate experience and become the full-fledged members of Order.


Dark Wolves are faithful Emperor, and hate all of enemies of Humanity. However much they rarely enter into a fight with ксеносами, preferring to destroy forces of Chaos, against which they have undeniable advantage. A genetic defect is «Black consciousness» — drives to confusion of warriors of Chaos. And stable relationships with Inquisition give them large possibilities. A genotype of Dark Wolves is stable enough, and did not change already more than 5 hundred years.

Motto of order

«We always in shade»

After the pronunciation of motto all punch itself in a breast.

Order and Inquisition

The order of Dark Wolves actively co-operates with Inquisition, executing an operation on зачистке of planets, infected heresy of Chaos. Executing the task of "fist of Inquisition", an order was able to deserve warm relationships with it, the same providing itself the stable future.