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Ushotan was the Primarch of the 4th Legion of Thunder Warriors, known as the Iron Lords.[1a]

Like the rest of the Thunder Warriors Primarchs (and unlike the later Astartes Primarchs), Ushotan was not physically different from any of his warriors, but was instead promoted by the Emperor for his battlefield performance. He was considered a superlative warrior and general, gaining the respect of even the likes of Captain-General Constantin Valdor. He displayed the savagery and dark humour typical of the Thunder Warriors, most notably during the Battle of Maulland Sen.[1a]

Following the massacre of the Thunder Warriors at Mt. Ararat, Ushotan and his surviving brothers went into hiding but reemerged to aid Grand Provost Marshal Uwoma Kandawire during the Palace Coup towards the end of the Unification Wars simply out of a desire for revenge and death in battle. During the attempted coup, he effortlessly cut down several of the new First Legion Astartes, before he personally battled Valdor and for a time managed to hold out against him. However, in the end Ushotan was struck down, and as he lay dying he remarked that he pitied the Captain-General; while Ushotan had lived a short life, he nonetheless had lived as a human while Valdor was void of all emotions or humanity save duty. Valdor agreed with Ushotan's assessment before executing him to end the dying warrior's agony.[1b]


Ushotan wore MkI Power Armour, standard issue to the Thunder Warriors, though by the time of his death his armour was in a poor state of repair. He wielded a powered broadsword which used blood-red plasma, as opposed to the more standard blue colored disruptor fields; his sword was also in a poor state of repair, leaking plasma when activated. Lastly, Ushotan carried a standard Thunder Warrior bolter.[1b][1c]