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Uzas was a member of the Night Lords. Once a proud and honorable fighter, by late M41 he had succumbed to the bloodlust of Khorne, though without the lucidity taken for granted by many of Khorne's worshipers, making Uzas absent-minded, aloof, senile, and prone to fits of crazed murder. His "fall" to a Khorne Berzerker was a source of constant grief and annoyance for Talos Valcoran, who remembered his glorious past.[1] Despite this, Uzas had occasions of lucidity where his former self managed to reach the surface of his psyche and even provide moments of wisdom.[2a]

Uzas was a loose cannon and sometimes a liability in First Claw, often accused of attacking fellow Battle-Brothers and mortal crew slaves in the depths of First Claw's ship, the Covenant of Blood and later the Echo of Damnation. After slaying the Night Lord Tor Xal of Third Claw, the murdered Astarte's comrades attempted to exact revenge by murdering Uzas in turn, which led Talos into a bloody battle against his fellow Night Lords to defend his former friend.[2b] Later, in a moment of clarity, Uzas surmised that his fellow member of First Claw and a close friend of Talos, Cyrion, had committed many of the murders of which Uzas was accused. Worse, Cyrion had been deliberately framing Uzas for the acts to cover his own tracks. An enraged Uzas confronted and attacked Cyrion, but Talos came to Cyrion's aid, thinking this was just another case of Uzas' fits of bloodlust, and killed Uzas. Uzas, grateful for release from his tenebrous existence but unable to speak due to his wounds, was unable to thank Talos before he died. The wounded Cyrion lied to Talos about the reason of Uzas' attack and died shortly thereafter in battle, taking the secret to his grave.[3]