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V'ors L'ar

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V'ors L'ar, the Dawnspear, is a Kauyon Commander and led the Tau Empire's forces during the War for Taros.[1a]

He earned his title, during the Third Sphere of Expansion, where he used the Kauyon to claim several great victories for the Tau. L'ar craves warfare, though, and was extremely disappointed when he was later assigned to the peaceful former Imperial world T'ros, in early M42. The Commander saw it as the Tau Empire forcing him into retirement, as L'ar was already old by the standards of his people. Nonetheless, he made the most of it and the Commander also prepared battle plans in case T'ros was ever attacked. These plans were brought to the fore[1a], when the world was invaded by the Imperium's 455th Battlegroup Ultima, led by Fleet Commander Konras Dray[1b]. Despite inflicting heavy causalities on the invaders, with his Tau and Taros Gue'vesa, L'ar's forces were overwhelmed and he regrettably gave the order to evacuate T'ros. The Commander later arrived on the Sept World Ksi'm'yen and has now begun mustering reinforcements to reclaim T'ros for the Tau Empire.[1c]