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Valdrekk Elias

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Valdrekk Elias was a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers during the Horus Heresy.

He was tasked by Erebus to travel to the world of Traois and recieve the mysterious artifact known as the Fulgurite. After coming into contact with Pyre Guard Captain Artellus Numeon and a force of surviving loyalist Space Marines from the Drop Site Massacre, a battle between the two forces erupted for control of the Fulgurite. However after John Grammaticus betrayed Numeon and stole the Fulgurite for himself, Elias was able to subdue the Salamanders Captain with his Bolt Pistol. Erebus himself then appeared from a Warp Portal and slit Elias' throat, as Elias apparently planned to use the power of the Fulgurite to ascend to Daemonhood.[1]