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The Valediction was a Strike Cruiser in the Word Bearers Legion during the Horus Heresy and took part in the Dropsite Massacre.[1]

Afterwards while a majority of the Word Bearers Legion departed for Calth, the Dark Apostle Danask was given command of the Valediction and was tasked by his Primarch, Lorgar, to search the Isstvan System for any Loyalist ships that survived the ambush. During his search, Danask was suddenly ordered by Warmaster Horus, to fire upon a quadrant that held a fleeing Loyalist ship, though Danask could not see it. What he did not know, however, was that the Loyalist ship was the Avenger, a Raven Guard Battle Barge that was using its cloaking technology to remain hidden as it fled the System with the Primarch Corax and the survivors of his shattered Legion. Before they left however, Corax wanted to land a final blow against the Traitors and had the Avenger uncloak near the Valediction and make a jump into the Warp. The Valediction's crew were caught by surprise by the Avenger's sudden appearance and could not prevent their ship from being sucked into the Warp, without its Gellar Field activated. It was left unprotected from the ravages of the Warp as a result and Daemons soon appeared on the ship and fell upon its helpless crew.[1]