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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngValhalla
Name: Valhalla Valhalla.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Civilised World, Ice World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Valhalla is an Imperial ice world classified as a Civilised World[2], famous as the home world of the Valhallan Ice Warriors regiments of the Imperial Guard.


When it was first settled, Valhalla was a verdant world of forests and broad fertile plans, a paradise compared to the frozen ice world it would become. In legends - the only history of the early days of its colonization that survives - Valhalla was a world perfect for human settlement.[Needs Citation]

Ten thousand years ago however, the planet was struck by an immense rogue comet which forever destroyed the paradise of the world. The defense lasers surrounding the planet had blasted the comet with shot after shot, but only succeeded in breaking off fragments of the comet, which was found to consist of almost pure iron. A mile-wide fragment of the comet struck the northern continent, causing great earthquakes and destruction. The main comet hit the vast ocean which spanned most of the planet.[Needs Citation]

The boiling seas, and the pall of vapor and dust blocked off the sunlight. The temperature of the planet fell to freezing levels. Most significantly the comet had knocked the planet from its orbit, and over a period of ten years the planet spun eccentrically, drifting fifteen million miles away from its sun. By this point the planet had entirely changed. The vast majority of life had been destroyed, and the whole planet was covered in glaciers and a frozen ocean.[Needs Citation]

War of Survival

The War of Survival was a major event in Valhallan history, fought against the Orks at a time of severe food shortages.[5] Ever since then, the Valhallans, particularly their sons and daughters enlisted in the Imperial Guard, have hated the Orks more than any other xenos race, and become especially adept at fighting them on other worlds throughout the Imperium. The planet's population continues to live in vast subterranean cities, since the sub-freezing temperatures on the surface make it uninhabitable. Valhallans are renowned for their stoic and determined natures.[1]

During the War of the Beast in 544.M32, Valhalla was invaded by Orks. A Deathwatch Kill-Team was dispatched to the world in search of a Greenskin Psyker to capture as part of Lord Commander Koorland's plan to slay The Beast.[6]

Dark Imperium

Following the resurrection of Roboute Guilliman and the formation of the Great Rift, Valhalla was one of the worlds which became stranded in the Dark Imperium.[7]

Valhallan Dialect of Low Gothic

  • Kloms - Common Valhallan colloquialism for kilometres[4]

Flora and Fauna

  • Tanna: a leafy plant that grows in the ice caverns, used to brew a tea that is highly popular among the natives.
  • Traki: a large, slow-moving creature prized for its meat and its soft fur. "Traki shoot" is a common expression among Ice Warrior regiments to describe a combat situation that overwhelmingly favors one side and/or is minimally risky[3].

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