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Valhallan 28th Armoured

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The Valhallan 28th Armoured are a Valhallan Armoured Regiment of the Astra Militarum.[1a]

Known Actions


The Valhallan 28th Armoured are known to use a slightly modified numbering system when identifying their vehicles; in addition to a standard three-digit number (signifying company, squadron and individual vehicle number, respectively), each company is designated with a letter from the Valhallan alphabet.[1a] These include "ꓘ"[1b], "V"[1c], "C"[1d] and "Я" (indicating the regiment's Armoured Reconnaissance Company).[1e][1f]

The regiment makes use of standardised winter camouflage schemes. However, all of the 28th Armoured's vehicles are permitted to display a red aquila badge in recognition of the regiment's loyal service to the Emperor.[1a]


In addition to the regiment's native units, a number of Super Heavy Tanks of the Valhallan 1st Heavy Tank Company are attached to the 28th Armoured, including at least one Mars-pattern Shadowsword.[1d]

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