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Notable Valhallan Ice Warriors Regiments

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Notable Imperial Guard Regiments of the Valhallan Ice Warriors.

Infantry Regiments

Regiment Notes
23rd The 23rd Valhallan are known to wear steppe fatigues and as such are likely to be deployed to worlds with high amounts of steppe terrain[1].
54th Known to have fought in the 13th Black Crusade[5].
93rd The 93rd Valhallan fought in the Soldane Campaign in M38[1].
132nd The 132nd Valhallan were deployed to Katraxis and spent weeks attempting to root out a Genestealer Cult. They were ordered to withdraw before the planet was lost to a tendril of Hive Fleet Kraken. Unfortunately, they were too late to escape and the regiment's ship made a doomed suicidal attack on a Hive Ship.[13]
187th The 187th Valhallan fought in the Karkova Massacre against Eldar. Presumably destroyed or took heavy casualties.[10]
222nd The Valhallan 222nd were formed during the Ork invasion of Valhalla and were instrumental in the defence of the world[4].
296th /
The Valhallan 296th and 301st both fought with the Reclaimers and the Swords of the Emperor against the Tyranids at Corania and later went on to merge to form the Valhallan 597th Ice Warriors[2a].
319th The Valhallan 319th Ice Warriors were part of the Imperial force that responded to the invasion of Cressida by Chaos forces. They formed the rearguard when the planet was evacuated prior to being virus bombed.[7]
442nd Serving on the Spinward Front[9]
Main article: Valhallan 597th
De 597. Valhalla
845th "Arctic Wolves" Serving in the Siege of M'Khan
1212th 'Cold Bloods' The Valhallan 1212th Cold Bloods were raised for service in the Eastlight Nebula Wars, but their first battle was among their last. With their supply and logistics lines overstreched, only one in every three Guardsmen in the 1212th were issued a Lasgun. Their first mission saw a forced-march across the frozen and toxic wastelands of Triox against a traitor force. Despite their survival skills, only half the Ice Warriors made it across the plains to assault the traitors' flank. Many of the Guardsmen recovered weapons on the fallen and in the end decisively defeated the enemy forces.[6b]

Light Infantry Regiments

Regiment Notes
"Tundra Wolves"
Consisted of over 120,000 Guardsmen at founding strength[6a]. Suffered grievous losses under Kubrik Chenkov defeating the vanguard of Hive Fleet Jormungandr at Goyan Valley.[6b]

Polar Guard

The Valhallan Polar Guard originate from the steep southern mountains of Valhalla. They specialise in mountain combat.[8]

Regiment Notes
I Fought the Demiurg in the Poretta system and given the honour of founding the first Imperial settlements in the system.[8]
II Fought the Demiurg in the Poretta system and given the honour of founding the first Imperial settlements in the system.[8]

Armoured Regiments

Regiment Notes
8th The Valhallan 8th are known to include Leman Russ Demolishers[3a] and Medusa (Siege Tank)s[3o] and have fought on Sallan's World[3a][3o]. They also include a Leman Russ Executioner[3i] and Baneblade (later was destroyed)[3k] which fought in the Advance on Sallan's Point.[3i] It also includes a Destroyer Tank Hunter which was put on sentry duty defending a fuel or ammunition dump.[3f] They also include a Leman Russ Vanquisher probably also fought in the Sallan's World Campaign.[3j]
14th The Valhallan 14th Armoured is a force which took part in the Gravalax Incident under Lord General Zyvan.[2a][2b]
28th The 28th are honoured among the tank armies, being allowed to carry a red eagle symbol. It includes at least one Leman Russ Vanquisher which is the second vehicle of the first squadron of the first company. It is also known as N-company.[3b] It also includes a Leman Russ Exterminator as the third tank, fourth squadron, fourth company. Known to have taken part in the Retreat to the Auriga Parallel on the Ice World Adhara.[3d] Also, a Leman Russ Conqueror is present and has subtle camouflaging unlike the other tanks in its company or squadron.[3e] The Valhallan 1st Heavy Tank Company is attached to them.[3g] Also it is known that Salamander Scout[3l], Salamander Command vehicles[3m], at least one battery of Basilisks[3n], at least one Hydra Flak Tank[3p] and Manticore (Platform)s[3q] of this Regiment took part in Betalis IV Campaign. It is known that some of the Regiment's vehicles uses symbol "Я" there.[3l][3m]
58th [3h]
193rd The Valhallan 193rd includes a Stygies VIII pattern Leman Russ Vanquisher and took part in the Defence of Canaan's World. One was the first tank of the first squadron of the third company. The company badge of this tank - a winged skull.[3c] Also in this conflict were used Tarantula sentry guns of this Regiment.[3r] The Regiment also took part in the Tymari Glacier Offensive on Achernar Prime - got a crossed spears badge in honour of it. The Chimeras in this campaign were equipped with Heavy Flamers.[11]

Artillery Regiments

Regiment Notes
888th Known as the Frostburners. Fought the Orks on Skovi[12]

Heavy Tank Companies

Regiment Notes
1st The 1st Heavy Company includes a Mars pattern Shadowsword which is the third vehicle of the company. The company is attached to the Valhallan 28th Armoured Regiment.[3g]