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Valiant Blades

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The Valiant Blades are a Space Marine Chapter.[1].

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Valiant Blades -
Founding Chapter: Unknown
Founding: Ultima Founding
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown


The Valiant Blades were among the Primaris Space Marine Chapters created during the Ultima Founding at the direct order of Roboute Guilliman. Sometime after their creation, the Chapter's ships unintendedly received a plea for aid from House Hawkshroud, while traveling through the Warp, which had been meant for the Knight House's allies. The message said that the Knights' home of Krastellan, was being invaded by the Orks of Waaagh! Zagsmasha and they desperately needed call upon the debts their allies owed them, in order to save their world. Though the Chapter were not among those who owed such a debt, the Valiant Blades turned their ships' helms towards Krastellan, to aid the beleaguered Knight House. Whether they will arrive in time to be of any help though, is unknown.[1]

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