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Valius Thesian

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Valius Thesian was an Ultramarines Captain in the 22nd Chapter, who took part in the Great Crusade and Calth's Underground War, during the Horus Heresy.[1]


After the Word Bearers had corrupted Calth's sun, Veridia, into giving off deadly radiation, the Ultramarines trapped on on the world sought refuge beneath its surface. Consul-Chaplain Ankarion successfully led the remnants of the Legion's 547th Company to the Auroran arcology, which also sheltered two hundred thousand of Calth's population. The Company then sent a request for immediate aid, but due to the incursions by the World Bearers, who also sought to escape Veridian's radiation, the Ultramarines' central command on Calth lost contact with Auroran. As their request bore the Legion's highest priority, Thesian was sent to investigate what had happened to the archeology. Commanding the 22nd Chapter's 4th Destroyer Company, he entered Ankarion and his forces were quickly attacked by the Word Bearers and the 547th's animated corpses. They succeeded in fighting their way to the 547th's headquarters, but discovered it had been turned into a fane to the Chaos God Nurgle. They also found Ankarion there, standing amid a group of Word Bearers and Chaos icons. But the Consul-Chaplain now wore a suit of crimson power armor and his helmet was an indistinguishable mass of eyes, fanged mouths and curving horns. As Captain Thesian and the 4th Destroyer Company realized Ankarion had betrayed the Ultramarines, the corrupted Chaplain bellowed a challenge in ancient Colchisian and charged at them. The Word Bearers and the animated corpses of the 547th followed him, along with Daemons made from shadows.[1]

However the 4th Destroyer Company charged at Ankarion's forces as well, as they had become enraged that a fellow Ultramarine was responsible for the Auroran arcology's corruption. Captain Valius Thesian and Ankarion then dueled each other, but the fallen Chaplain fatally wounded Thesian with an obsidian spear. As if sensing his approaching death, Warp Rifts began to appear next to Nurgle's fane and Plaguebearers began to force their way through them. With the last of his strength, though, the Captain activated a melta bomb, which consumed both him and Ankarion. The Chaplain's death caused the Warp Rifts to disappear and while the fighting continued, Thesian's 4th Destroyer Company was ultimately victorious. Veteran Sergeant Cassian would then take command of the survivors and they would report what had occurred in the arcology. This later led the Ultramarines' central command to destroy Auroran with atomic bombs.[1]