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Valorous Vow

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The Valorous Vow is a Black Templars Light Destroyer, that took part in the First Black Crusade.[1b]


This page contains spoilers for: Black Legion (Novel)

It was among the Chapter's fleet that High Marshal Sigismund assembled to guard the Eye of Terror. This was after he believed that the traitors of the Horus Heresy still lived and were hiding within the giant Warp Storm. He was among the few in the Imperium who did so, though, Sigismund was later proven correct when the Black Legion and later the Legion Host emerged from the Eye in 781.M31.[1a] In the battle that followed, the Black Legion was victorious and the Valorous Vow was among the ships that were captured by them. It was later used to return the body of Sigismund and his Black Sword to Terra, after the High Marshal was slain by Abaddon the Despoiler. The Light Destroyer's databanks were also filled with footage of the battle, including Sigismund's death. The Black Legion left a message as well, declaring that they had returned to wage war upon the Imperium.[1b]

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