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Valossian Sythrac

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Valossian Sythrac is the highest ranking Archon of the Black Heart Kabal and is considered to be the most loyal and reliable of the Dark Eldar under Supreme Overlord Asdrubael Vect's command.


Valossian Sythrac of the Black Heart is a rare individual indeed – one of the few Archons to have consistently retained Supreme Overlord Vect’s favour. Vect long ago grew bored of Archons bearing news of the conquest of planets and star systems, for such mundane victories rarely last long in the grand scheme of things. Instead the Supreme Overlord rewards those with the wit to damage or topple entire galactic empires. Sythrac is such an individual – his ongoing quest to assassinate each of the Imperium’s most vaunted heroes is a hot topic within Vect’s courts. The practical applications of weakening the Imperium’s command structure aside, Sythrac’s tactic is to extinguish hope itself – to rob the upstart humans of those that they hold dear, and deprive them of the will to fight against the encroaching darkness. Every Dark Eldar finds a perverse delight in reminding the lesser races of their place; Valossian Sythrac makes it his life’s work.[2]

Because of his status, Sythrac commands the Kabal's forces in Vect's name, but his critics consider him to be nothing but a puppet ruler. Despite this though, none can deny that Sythrac is an effective leader or that he is a remorseless hunter once sent loose against the Overlord's enemies. While not being given direct orders from Vect, Sythrac pursues legendary figures amongst other Xenos races and kills them with his Husk Blade, in order to capture their souls within traps built into his armour. This has earned him the name Soul Hunter[1a] and so far a thousand[1b] heroes, leaders, philanthropists, healers, and warriors have fallen to Sythrac's blade. These souls are not mere trophies however, as the Archon's armour is also equipped with complex bio-harmonics that use their stolen energies to invigorate Sythrac's ancient body[1a] and they can also be drawn upon to greatly increase his strength and speed in combat. All the while, his victims' souls are aware of their fate and are constantly whispering in the back of his mind; offering pleas, threats, advise, and curses upon the Archon's name.[1b]

During the Dysjunction caused by the plot to resurrect the long dead Archon El'uriaq, Commorragh was wracked by anarchy and Vect ordered Sythrac to restore order to the Dark City. The Soul Hunter leapt to the task[1a] and led the Black Heart's forces in destroying most of the warring Kabals that refused put down their arms and re-pledge their loyalty to the Overlord.[1c] In doing so, Sythrac greatly aided Vect in restoring order to Commorragh, as the Dysjunction neared its end.[1d]

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