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Vampire Hunter

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Vampire Hunter

The Vampire Hunter is a super-heavy gunship and a variant of the Eldar Vampire Raider.


While sharing many of the same features, the Vampire Hunter sacrifices its transport capability in favour of heavier weapons, becoming a heavy ground attack bomber. Vampire Hunters are deployed on missions to engage and destroy specific targets such as enemy Titans, with each squadron protected by its own dedicated Nightwing escorts. These rare and specialised aircraft are only deployed for large-scale operations.[1][2][3][4]

The Vampire Hunter is armed with a nose-mounted Scatter Laser, hull-mounted twin-linked Phoenix Missile Launchers, and wing-mounted twin-linked Pulsars, with additional protection in the form of a Titan-grade Holo-field. Vampire Hunters are used by both Craftworld Eldar and Eldar Corsairs.[3][4]

Technical Information[1]
Length 26m
Height 7.1m
Wingspan 26.4m
Estimated Weight 58 tonnes
Armour 8-10mm material unknown
Maximum Recorded Speed 3100kph
Crew 2. Pilot, gunner
Armament Twin-inked pulsars,

twin-linked Eldar missile launchers, scatter laser

Main Ammunition Unknown
Payload Unknown


Vampire Hunter (Aeronautica Imperialis)[5]


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