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Vampyres are nocturnal bloodsucking humanoids known to exist on Necromunda. Their origin is unknown but they most likely represent yet another semi-stable mutation of humanity. They are considered by many to be ancient fables from Terra used to frighten children, but only a select few are aware of these creatures. They are thought to be in league with Chaos and the threat they pose to mankind is considered high.[1]

Despite ninety-nine percent of the population of Necromunda not knowing about them, they are considered a dangerous form of Wyrd and the bounties on their head correspond to those of other Outlaws.[1]

The Inquisition has been investigating outbreaks of Vampyrism for centuries and only recently have they found an enclave on Necromunda. They have decided to quietly stop them from escaping and infecting other worlds as they could easily escape in space through one of the world's main shipping lines.[1]


Vampyres are practically immortal, able to regenerate from horrific injuries, to the point they can come back from the dead, and are unnaturally resilient and hardy. Because of this they don't need to wear armor. The few people who are considered to have a true understanding of the Vampyres have suggested different methods of dealing with them, including prayers to the Emperor of Mankind and decapitation - the latter usually being more effective. Once a vampire is neutralized all of its thralls will regain their will.[1]

Vampyres usually feed on the blood and fear of their victims, as long as the blood is not too tainted with pollutants, psychic or man-made, or comes from mutants, Hive fauna, aliens or Undead. Those that are drained by a vampyre quickly fall under their mind control and join their cult as a thrall. When a human is drained of his lifeforce he is often turned into a Vampyre. These can in time grow in power, ultimately becoming Vampyre Lords or even Vampyre Masters.[1]

Vampyres are invisible to technical means so bionic eyes and other technological sight-enhancing weapons will not see them, though red dot sights will still target them.[1]

Vampyre Cults

The Bloodsuckers form Vampyre Cults around them made up by others of their kind and weak-minded mortals bent to their will, the so-called thralls. Vampyres are perfect infiltrators of human society. Thralls are usually young fighters loyal to the Vampyre Cult after their will has been dominated. They also act as a food supply to the Vampyres and have a herd mentality. They can grow into fearsome warrior, rising in the ranks of the cult, to a Senior Thrall, then an Acolyte and finally a Master Acolyte.[1]

To maintain stability within a cult, there must always be twice the number of Thralls than Vampyres. This means that all further conversions to Vampyres are stopped and some may leave until the balance is restored.[1]

A Vampyre's predatory instinct will tend to turn away any would be indepedent employees and only those that make an unpleasant meal for the Vampyre, like Wyrd and Pit Slaves, will work for the cult.[1]