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Gregor Vandis

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Gregor Vandis was the former governor of Meridian, in Subsector Aurelia.


A typical Imperial Commander, Vandis was indolent and corrupt. During his governorship, the Blood Ravens Strike Cruiser Armageddon arrived at Meridian. Sergeant Aramus urgently requested access to the forge world's manufactories, to create weapons necessary to combat the Tyranid Hive Fleet overrunning the sector. Vandis detailed his adjutant, Elena Derosa, to deal with the Space Marines, requesting their help with dealing with Eldar raiders menacing the storehouses and estates of Meridian's nobles. Either he was unaware that the Tyranids were invading Meridian itself, or he was simply attempting to stall for time while he gathered as much of his wealth as he could and escape off-planet.[1]

When the Tyranid presence became clear, Derosa seized power from Vandis, who had already disappeared. While fighting the Eldar, Orks and Tyranids in the capital city, Sergeant Tarkus discovered a warehouse full of Vandis's "collectibles" which included several relics of the Blood Ravens chapter that had disappeared over the years.[1]

After the Eldar were defeated, Derosa formally assumed the governorship and issued a warrant for Vandis's arrest.[1]

Later, during the Second Aurelian Crusade, some of House Vandis's retainers and servants encouraged the rebellious nobles of Meridian to ally with the Black Legion and rise up against Derosa's rule.[2]

Alternate History

This page contains spoilers for: Dawn of War II (Novel)

In the novelization of Dawn of War II, Vandis is actively collecting Space Marine relics during the war, including Captain Davian Thule's power sword, Wisdom, which was recovered by a rogue trader after Thule fell in combat with the Tyranids on Calderis.

Shortly before the final battle with the Tyranids on Meridian, a freak accident causes Vandis's shuttle to crash while he is attempting to flee the planet. Aramus finds the relics in the shuttle's wreckage, along with forbidden xenos artefacts. When Aramus sees Wisdom among the relics, Vandis begs for mercy and offers Aramus a bribe, to which Aramus responds by lifting Wisdom and cleaving Vandis in half.[3]