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Vandoth the Fallen[1]

Vandoth the Fallen is a giant mask covered man, who is bound in layers of crimson muscle and his exploits on Necromunda, have made him a figure of legend on the Hive World.[1]

Stories are told of his ability to crush a man's skull with one hand and turn aside blades with his hardened skin. Most disturbing of all, though, are the tales of Vandoth's unquenchable thirst for blood. It is said that hidden behind his mask are long canine fangs, and after he kills, the gigantic warrior stoops over his prey to drain them dry. There are conflicting accounts as to where Vandoth originally came from and who (or even what) he is. Some insist the massive warrior was once a Goliath, somehow corrupted in the vat with tainted blood. Others believe he was once one of Lord Helmawr's personal guards, until he was genetically altered into a vampiric beast for the ruler of Necromunda's amusement. Then there are the stories that Vandoth is a thing of Chaos, though the savagery that he shows to those corrupted by the Dark Gods would seem to discount this. All that is known for sure is Vandoth has wandered Necromunda for centuries at least, his face hidden behind a mask and an ancient oversized boltgun at his side. Outlaws will sometimes pay for Vandoth's aid with the promise of coin, weapons or glory, though the giant mostly does as he pleases, aiding others when his interests align with theirs.[1]